Cut! Cut! Cut! e-Book Published to the iBookstore and Amazon

The digital storybook Cut! Cut! Cut! has been submitted to iBooks and Amazon Kindle.

Interactive Storybooks for All Tablets, Smartphones, and e-Readers

Digital technology has enabled Story Resort to create engaging interactive storybooks for children to play and learn, and it is with this belief that we feel your child’s opportunity should not be limited by the device you own.

As a producer and publisher of digital e-books for kids, we’ve built the software that serves as a technological platform that lets us publish to all major tablets, smartphones, and e-reader devices.

Currently you can find Story Resort books through the following channels:


- iPhone / iPad?: ?Currently, we publish ?iOS Apps exclusively made for the Apple App Store, as well as eBooks for the Apple iBooks store.

- Amazon Kindle / Kindle Fire: ?Story Resort books for Kindle and Kindle Fire devices can be found in the Amazon Kindle store.

- Android Phones / Android Tablets: ?Android users can find Story Resort books in the Google Play store.

- Barnes & Noble Nook: Due to country restrictions by Barnes and Nobles, we are not permitted to publish to the Nook store.)

We customize each version of the book so that the storybooks fit and take advantage of the abilities of the format they are on. ?For example, the iBooks version uses a “Read Aloud” narration recorded by our professional child reader, and the App versions contain games and interactions that increase engagement help children master additional skills. ?For more info, please visit the specific store pages for each Book.


Story Resort Launches as Digital Publisher and Producer of Children’s Storybooks

Story Resort today launches its website and reveals its first two books, “Cut! Cut! Cut!” and “Where is My Sock?”. ?Story Resort is a producer and publisher of children’s books, specializing in digital-only book publishing for popular tablet, mobile devices, and e-readers. ? Story Resort’s books each contain a set of skills for children to learn and master according to their age.

The sets of skills and lessons to be taught are determined through Story Resort’s?proprietary Children Development Skills model. ?The model is a framework is derived from academic research and scientific consensus that form into a roadmap of the skills children need to master according to their stage of development, as determined by their age.

In addition to this methodical lesson plan, Story Resort stories also include parental tips and activities for parents to form bonding and educational experiences with their child readers. ?We encourage parents to read to their child and perform activities such as asking questions about the stories, forming games from the activities included in the book, and encouraging their child to “retell” the stories back to them.

Most importantly, Story Resort also creates native application versions of books for the iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets. ?These versions take advantage of the devices’ technology by including games, interactivity, and read aloud narration voiced by expert child readers. ?Story Resort believes that digital technologies, used correctly, are valuable educational tools that are an important part of the growth, maturity, and education of the modern child.

Story Resor’s mission is its?dedication to creating interactive digital storybooks that entertain, educate, encourage imagination, and create remarkable bonding experiences for parents and children.? By lovingly crafting stories based on the philosophies of storytelling, design, and the Children Development Skills model will allow children to develop both the mental and physical skills needed during their critical formative ages of childhood.


About Story Resort

Story Resort is a producer and publisher of children’s e-books and digital storybooks on all major digital platforms, including iPhones & iPads, Kindle & Kindle Fire, and Android Tablets & Phones through the iBooks Store, iTunes App Store, Amazon Appstore, and Google Play.