Cut! Cut! Cut! on the iBookstore

Cut! Cut! Cut! is available on the iBookstore as an e-book for pre-school kids that teaches about colors, objects, and adjectives. ?It is optimized for the new iPad’s retina display and takes advantage of the Read Aloud option provided by iBooks.

Create an intimate learning experience with your child with the Cut! Cut! Cut! Read Aloud Storybook by Story Resort (Recommended age: Pre-school (1 – 3.5 years old)).


-????????? Play and Learn about Colors, Objects, and Vocabulary

-????????? Colorful characters and playful story written and drawn to educate and entertain

-????????? Read to your child, or use Read Aloud to have our expert child reader narrate for you

-????????? Includes sample Activities, Questions, and Tips for parents to use with their children

-????????? For children ages 1 ? 3.5 years old (Pre-school)


Get Cut! Cut! Cut! from the iBookstore!

Play and Learn about Colors, Objects, and Vocabulary

The iBooks edition of Cut! Cut! Cut! is a fun, classic story of scissors and color papers playing hide and seek that will teach your child about the colors of everyday animals and objects.? It provides a bonding opportunity between parents and kids as you point out and ask questions about the red sun, pink rabbits, and green trees, and allow your child to let their imagination run free about the other limitless possibilities of what objects the color papers can turn into.

Apart from learning about different colors and how they are associated with the items around them in everyday life, this e-book will also increase their vocabulary through the use of adjectives and verbs displayed in pictures.


Read to Your Child, or use Read Aloud

While it is recommended that you read to your child during the first times, Cut! Cut! Cut! for iBooks also includes a ?Read Aloud? option that utilizes Apple?s iBooks Read Aloud functionality to have the book voiced by Story Resort?s young reader Alice.

As this book is for children in the age of Pre-School (1 ? 3.5 years old), the Read Aloud option highlights groups of words that belong together instead of individual words, as this will provide less distraction to the child reader and is easier to follow.

Written and Drawn to Educate and Entertain based on Academic Research

Cut! Cut! Cut! was created based on Story Resort?s educational framework for Children Development Skills during the age of Pre-School.? The Story Resort team is comprised of teachers ?and professionals with advanced degrees in Education, Psychology, Design, and careers in musical and kindergarten to elementary school.? We are dedicated to creating the perfect stories of play and learn that will foster mentally happy children in the modern digital age of education.


Get Cut! Cut! Cut!, the Digital Storybook about Colors and Objects for Kids from the iBookstore.


Get Cut! Cut! Cut! from the iBookstore!

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