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Cut! Cut! Cut! is now available for the Apple App Store ! ?Optimized for the new iPad’s retina display with read aloud and interactive mini games, this FREE children’s picture book app?for iPad?is the perfect digital book for your children to start reading and playing with you.


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?? Optimized for new iPad retina display ??


Scissors, colors, and children?? What could go wrong?

Cut! Cut! Cut! is a read aloud picture book that lets your child do the two things they love best – play with objects and read & retell fun stories.? Teach your children about colors, objects, and vocabulary and allow them to improve their hand-eye coordination skills through quirky characters, funny animations, and intuitive mini-games you and your children are sure to enjoy.


Ultimately, Cut! Cut! Cut! is a classic story about scissors and papers that play hide and seek.? As your child helps the scissors find each paper, they turn into cute interpretations of familiar everyday objects your child will recognize and love.? And at the very end, they will also learn about friendship and sharing.


Recommended Ages: 1 – 3.5


? What?s Inside:

? Play and Learn about Colors, Objects, and Vocabulary

? Colorful characters and playful story written and drawn to educate and entertain

? Words highlighted and respoken when touched

? Read to your child, or use Read Aloud to have our expert child reader tell the story for you.

? Includes sample Activities, Questions, and Tips for you to use with your children



Cut! Cut! Cut! enhances the picture book experience by taking advantage of the interactivity features of the tablet format through the use of interactive sounds and physical interactions like touch and drag.? Your child will have fun while gaining finger muscles and hand-eye coordination as they wonder about the shapes and colors of the papers they see around them.


As with all Story Resort books, tips and sample questions for parents to ask and activities to play with their child in order to create memorable bonding and learning experiences.? Watch as your children ask you to tell the story to them again and again, and smile as they start to retell their own versions of the story back to you.



Additional Features:


? New features only available in this App format includes interactive audio, touch and drag interactivity, and paper cutting mini games for each color.


? In order to help this young age group learn to read, words are highlighted in groups rather than individually so that they are easier to follow and does distract from the pictures and story elements.


? By combining attractive characters, interactive audio, familiar everyday objects, and fun and challenging mini games all told through an engaging story of friendship and fun with the option to be narrated by a professional friendly-sounding child narrator as well as tips for you to bond with your children, Cut! Cut! Cut! will create endless memorable experiences for both you and your child.



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