Good Night Lucy


Create an intimate learning experience with your children and put them to sleep tight in bed through ?Good Night Lucy?, the bedtime story by Story Resort. ? It?is a beautiful and humorously cute bedtime story about a young girl discovering and trying to copy the different ways and places animals sleep.


- ? ? ??Play and learn about beds and sleeping habits

- ? ? ??Funny and adorable animals in a wondrous and expansive world

- ? ? ??Tips on how to get your child ready for bed every day

-?????? For children ages 1.5 ? 3 years old
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Play and Learn about Beds and Good Sleeping Habits

  • Storytelling is one of the best ways for children to learn as well as build bounding relationships between parents and kids. ? Through?Good Night Lucy’s?storyline of discovering and trying the right sleeping habitats, children learn to think about going to bed themselves.
  • As found by academic studies, the act of parents telling their kids regularly in advance about upcoming activities (instead of instantly telling them what to do and expecting them to stop what they were currently doing) will improve their discipline and planning skills.
  • Clear and concise sentences will help them wander in the world of imagination. They?ll learn to notice things around them even more carefully, like how their puppy sleeps or where birds stay.



Read to Your Child, or use Read Aloud

?Good Night Lucy? ?includes a ?Read Aloud? option that allows for Story Resort?s professional child reader to tell the story to your kids.


As this book is suitable for children in the ages 1.5 ? 3 years old, the Read Aloud option highlights groups of words that belong together, instead of individual words like in most books, so that it is easier for children to read and follow.



Written and Drawn to Educate and Entertain based on Academic Research

?Good Night Lucy? was created based on Story Resort?s educational framework for Children Development Skills during the ages of 1.5-10.? We create stories that allow children to play to learn.


The Story Resort team is comprised of teachers and professionals with advanced degrees in Education, Psychology, Design, and careers in musical and kindergarten to elementary school.? We are dedicated to creating the perfect stories of play and learn that will foster mentally happy children in the modern digital age of education.


At Story Resort, we believe that a book is worth a thousand dreams.? We made this book with love.? Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of yours.



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