Where is My Sock? eBook for the iPhone, iPad & iPod

Create an intimate learning experience with your child through the ?Where is my sock?” animated storybook by Story Resort (comes with with Read Aloud).

- Play and Learn about sizes, comparison and ownership.
- Animated characters relatable to the reader’s age.
- Simple and playful story written and drawn to educate and entertain.
- Read to your child, or use Read Aloud to have our expert child reader tell the story for you.
- Includes sample Activities, Questions, and Tips for you to use with your children.
- For children ages 1.5 ? 3 years old


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?Where is my sock?? is an easy to understand story that goes straight to the point of encouraging children to learn about sizes and belongings by associating and comparing the sizes of socks between Tommy?s foot and his family members? feet.


For example, the phrase “The sock is too big. It must belong to Daddy.” is used as an easy, fun and effective way to learn to compare sizes and ownership through association with their own feet and socks.


It provides a bonding opportunity between parents and kids as you point out and ask questions about the sizes of socks and who they might belong to.? You can use the socks in your house and the ones you are wearing at the time of reading as games and real world associations.


Apart from learning about different sizes and how they are associated with people, this e-book will also increase children’s vocabulary through the use of adjectives and nouns displayed through pictures.


While it is recommended that you read to your child during the first readings, ?Where is My Sock?? for iBooks also includes a ?Read Aloud? option that utilizes Apple?s iBooks Read Aloud feature that lets Story Resort?s young reader Alice tell the story for you. ?As this book is for children in the ages 1.5 ? 3 years old, the Read Aloud option highlights groups of words that belong together instead of individual words so as to provide less distraction to the child reader and be easier to follow.


?Where is My Sock?? was created based on Story Resort?s educational framework for Children Development Skills during the ages of 1.5-10.? We create stories that allow children to play to learn. ?The Story Resort team is comprised of teachers and professionals with advanced degrees in Education, Psychology, Design, and careers in musical and kindergarten to elementary school.? We are dedicated to creating the perfect stories of play and learn that will foster mentally happy children in the modern digital age of education. ?At Story Resort, we believe that a book is worth a thousand dreams.? We made this book with love.? Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your family.


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